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How to make the most of your Location shoot in Brisbane

What happens after your ceremony

After your ceremony and your declared husband and wife, family portraits are then taken and then usually your wedding photographer will do your “Location shoot”. A Location shoot usually lasts between 60 to 90 minutes and includes the bride, groom and bridal party. Below are some tips to remember when planning your location shoot with your photographer.

romantic wedding pose of bride and groom

Permits and restrictions

Check to see if a permit is needed – this is very important. Some parks and gardens require you to have a permit, others photography is strictly prohibited. Crazy right? We live in a world governed by rules and regulations, and unfortunately photography is not immune.

Check online or with the local council to see if a permit is needed a couple of months out from your wedding. Permits can range between $150 to $400.  Clients are responsible for paying and obtaining permits, however your wedding photographer should be able to advise you.

bride and groom in the middle of a staircase

Children and Parents

As we have already completed family photographs, there is no need for parents to come along. They will probably be bored and waiting in the limousine until we have finished.

It is also a good idea to think about if you want children included in your location shoot i.e. flower girl/page boy. Children are great, but they can slow down the process and will need supervision if the parents are in the bridal party. If you choose not to have children attend, I will complete a bridal party photograph with the adults and children at the ceremony before we head off.

bridal party photo outside their reception

Allow plenty of time

I normally recommend dedicating between 60 to 90 minutes for your location shoot. It is good if the bridal party can relax during this time and have something to eat and drink and not be rushed the entire time. If you choose to also have a wedding videographer, then you may need to allow more time so both photography and videography can get what they need.

bridesmaids shot by the beach

Choose a nice location

This is pretty obvious, however when it comes to your wedding photography gallery some spots are better than others. For example; try to select a nice shady spot with a nice background. Believe it or not a blue ocean under a blue sky is not ideal for wedding photography. Instead try and choose a location that has an interesting background such as rock formations, lighthouses, mountains etc. It is also important to consider the light. As a wedding photographer, I will automatically choose a location with better light (i.e. soft and shady over bright and sunny) and sacrifice the background if I have to. It won’t matter if you have the most beautiful location in the world, if the subjects are in poor lighting then it will make the entire photograph look amateurish. Also, try and work it so your location shoots starts a couple of hours before sunset so we get that beautiful golden light.

bride and groom walking hand in hand

Don’t be self conscious

I know right? This is easier said than done. Try and focus on your partner rather than worrying about how you look. If you are self conscious it will usually show in the finished product. And don’t worry, I will give you directions on how to pose and how to look your best.

bride hugging groom from behind

Don’t cram in to many locations

This one is a biggie. I have photographed weddings where the bride and groom have tried to squeeze in 3 or 4 different locations within a 90 minute period and it has been hectic.

Getting in and out of limos, organising kids, fixing up the brides dress all takes a surprising amount of time. Not to mention the possibility of getting stuck in traffic. I suggest having a maximum of 2 locations in a 90 minute period.

bridal party photo with bride and groom in focus


Try to have a good time. Enjoy the company of your bridal party and your husband or wife and don’t stress about the wedding photography. That’s what you pay your wedding photographer for. I always say, it is better to slow down, get a few really great wedding photos, rather than hundreds of mediocre ones.

If you have any questions about your location, be sure to seek information from your wedding photographer. They should be able to direct you in regards to location and timing. If you are looking for wedding photography in Brisbane or the Gold Coast then please visit our contact page


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