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Timing is Everything – When to plan your wedding in Brisbane?

What factors you should consider..

So you’ve done the proposal (best day of your life ever!) and the ring has been resized and permanently in its forever resting place.  The next step is to have an answer for the nagging question from friends, family, colleagues and random strangers – when is the date? Here are some factors you may want to consider when planning your wedding.

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By Date

Many couples already have a date in mind as it has a special significance to them. It could be their birthday, an anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even New Year’s Eve – makes it easy to remember too! Celebrating these days including a wedding anniversary will make the celebrations that more exciting each year.

If you don’t have one of those dates up your sleeve, It is a good idea to look at the calendar and start marking off any dates that have big events that may clash with your big day – things like Grand Finals (you could lose half of your guests to the closest pub!) and public holidays come first to mind.  Click here for public holidays in 2021 as well as school holidays in Queensland. If your date falls on a long weekend, get your ‘save the date’ in early before your guests make alternative plans.

Another factor to remember is that most Brisbane wedding venues, irrelative of being in or out of peak season, will probably have a weekend rate for Friday, Saturday & Sunday with a lower rate for the rest of the week.  A weekday wedding ceremony could be an option.  Yes, your guests will have to get off work – but who doesn’t enjoy a good celebration during the week!  Again plan ahead so that guests can put in their leave for that day.

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By Season

Choosing the date according to the season is very popular and so Spring and Autumn are always the first dates to get whipped up.  In Brisbane, these seasons fall between September to May.  The weather is always amazing and semi-reliable (although nothing is cast in stone!). If you have seen photos at a particular time of the year and you fell in love with the colours and nature at the time – choosing a date according to the season is for you.

Weather and nature are two big factors for weddings.  Spring and Autumn are the changing seasons, which means the greenery and nature around you will look stunning. Bright pops of florals in spring and rich autumn leaves and colours are two reasons to get married in these seasons.

Naturally, winter months are not as popular for weddings, so this could mean that your vendors are more flexible and available on the ever-so-popular Saturday date.  Luckily, winter in Brisbane is so bearable and not cold at all. Also, you will not have to worry about those flash big storms. So, don’t rule out winter altogether.  For venues and vendors this is most often off-peak season and you can get those great rates to fit your budget.

If you are set your heart on having your wedding ceremony in summer on the beach, please take into consideration the following:

  • The Brisbane summers can reach up close on 40 degrees with almost 100% humidity
  • If the men in your bridal party are wearing the traditional 3 piece suit – they will be sweating long before the wedding ceremony even starts.
  • Have a pair of thongs for each guest – walking on the sand in heels is not easy, plus if you are in bare feet, the sand can be scorching hot. Maybe a novelty as you have different sizes and colours ready for the guests.
  • Bottles of cold water available for your guests will be greatly appreciated.
  • Try and create as much shade as you can with gazebos or umbrellas, and lastly
  • Mozzies, the bloodthirsty little buggers, can make your wedding reception unpleasant as your guests get eaten alive!

I don’t want to put you off of a wedding ceremony on the beach, which can be absolutely stunning, just some factors to put into the planning.

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By Venue

The wedding venue is usually the first supplier a couple will book for their day. If you fall in love with a particular venue then it makes sense to work your wedding date around when they’re available. Don’t be afraid to switch it up a bit by possibly getting married on a Friday instead of the ever-popular Saturday, or even the Sunday.

It may not be the venue you fall in love with, it could be a photographer, band or celebrant.  Be flexible enough to break moulds to get the date you want. It feels overwhelming to think of so many factors that determine the date, however, it is your day and your wedding, so make it work for you.

So you have finally picked a date, lookout for a future blog about everything you need to know about save the dates, invitations and RSVPs for your big day.


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