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Traditional Vs Modern Wedding Photography: Which One Is Best?

There are two main styles of wedding photography: traditional and modern. So which one is the best?

Traditional wedding photography is all about capturing classic, posed shots of the bride and groom. This style usually involves a lot of formality, with everyone standing in straight lines and smiling for the camera. Modern wedding photography is more informal and spontaneous, capturing natural moments as they happen. This style is all about capturing the days emotions. It often includes candid shots of guests enjoying themselves and even capturing the small details like the brides jewellery, from her diamond ring to silver earrings. When it comes to wedding photography, there are two main styles: traditional and modern. Both have their unique benefits, but which one is best for you? Here is a look at the pros and cons of each style:

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Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photography focuses on capturing the key moments of the day in a classic style. This type of photography typically involves posing couples and families in staged shots and often uses a lot of props. As a result, traditional wedding photos can look stiff and formal. However, they have a timeless quality that can be appreciated for years to come.

Benefits of Traditional Wedding Photography: 

  • Timeless quality
  • It can be appreciated for years to come
  • Often includes posed shots, which can be more flattering

Downsides of Traditional Wedding Photography:

  • It can look stiff and formal
  • May use props that are no longer in style
  • It can be more expensive than other options
celebration photo of bridal party

Modern Wedding Photography

Modern wedding photography is all about capturing natural moments as they happen. This type of photography focuses on candid shots of guests and couples and often uses a lot of natural light. As a result, modern wedding photos have a more relaxed and informal feel.

Benefits of Modern Wedding Photography:

  • Captures natural moments as they happen
  •  It has a relaxed and informal feel
  • Can be less expensive than traditional photography options


Downsides of Traditional Wedding Photography:

  • It can look stiff and formal
  • May use props that are no longer in style
  • It can be more expensive than other options
bridesmaids helping bride put dress on

Other Factors to Consider

Time Factor: Modern photography is much more convenient than traditional because a photographer only needs to carry around their camera and not all of the equipment that comes with it. The modern approach also takes advantage when people are interacting normally without any notice, which can be hard or impossible in other types of pictures since they often require setups where subjects must stand still while being photographed for an extended period

Photography rules: Unlike traditional wedding photographers, modern-day photographers are not followers of many rules. It’s all about creativity and uniqueness at this time in life stage, so there is no compulsory shot that needs to be taken. Instead, they try bringing out different moments throughout every marriage ceremony or celebration with their clients by capturing those special memories for posterity! Hiring one will surely make your pictures realistic while also making them stand apart from others around town because you are getting an original piece instead of cookie-cutter shots seen everywhere nowadays

Moving image: Modern cameras are specifically designed to take moving images, which means they are perfect for capturing candid shots during your big day. Plus, the quality of these photos will be better than what you would have got with an older model!

Editing part: Editing is an essential aspect of any good photoshoot. Traditional photographers don’t offer any editing services for the pictures taken; they use lights and normal lenses to get a beautiful pose out on your wedding day! But with modern weddings comes post-wedding shoots where there are many types of additional services provided by these professional photogs who can create something genuinely breath taking after you have had time enough between celebrations to enjoy yourself – all thanks again, siblings photographers ruining everything I love about being dressed up nicely

bridesmaids looking at bride in mirror


So, which style is best for you? If you want classic, timeless photos that will be appreciated for years to come, traditional wedding photography may be the right choice. If you prefer relaxed, natural photos that capture the spirit of your wedding day, modern wedding photography may be a better fit. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which style you prefer – both have their unique benefits. Thanks for reading!


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