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Wedding Photography at Bellingdale Farm

Katie and Dane were married at Bellindale Farm in September of 2022. Bellingdale Farm is a secluded countryside venue with spectacular views overlooking the hinterland.

Beautiful wedding photos at sunset

They purchased one of my Bronze wedding photography packages, which includes 5 hours of photography and a 6×8 album at an affordable price of $1550. As you can see from the photos below, we got some amazing sunset photos photos after the ceremony finished. In fact, I think they are some of my best photos ever. The golden sun behind them being filtered through the trees created an amazing golden light. The trick here is to somewhat hide the sun behind a thin layer of trees or foliage so you don’t get too much light coming into your cameras sensor, but enough to create a sun flair behind the couple.

The beauty of Bellingdale Farm

This particular location was a magical place and one of my favourite places to photograph a wedding. Wide open country side, beautiful sunset, a low key event in a spectacular venue… What more could a photographer ask for?

If you’re thinking about getting married at Bellindale Farm, do it! I highly recommend this place, just make sure you drop me a line so I can be the wedding photographer

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