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Wedding Photography At Braeside Chapel

I first met Ashlea and Mark soon after I moved to Queensland from Sydney. I was so happy they choose me as their wedding photographer as they were such a happy and easy going couple. Ashlea and Mark were married at a beautiful venue called Braeside Chapel in the Gold Coast.

Stunning natural backdrops

Ashlea and Mark both rented out houses close to their venue which is an excellent idea. Doing this saves a lot of time travelling and makes your day a lot less stressful. I always recommend to my couples to do this, as seen on my Tips and Articles section.

Braeside Chapel is a beautiful venue which is home to amazing landscaped gardens, its own self-contained chapel, a marquee to host your reception and several bars located around the premises. We were very lucky as it had been raining most of the day, but cleared up long enough for the ceremony and for our location photographs.

As a recent Gold Coast wedding photographer, I was very happy to finally shoot a wedding a Braeside Chapel. It is excellent for wedding photography as it contains a number of rustic nooks, an an amazing old fig tree. The service was outstanding and the food was excellent.

If you would like more information about my wedding photography prices, then please send me an enquiry through my Contact Form. Ashlea and Mark got my Silver Package, which comes with 8 hours of photography coverage, a USB with all the edited images and a medium sized 8×11 photobook. This is my most popular package as it suits most weddings and budgets. Here are 10 reasons why I love Braeside Chapel:

  1. Stunning Natural Backdrops: Braeside Chapel is nestled in the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland, providing an array of breathtaking natural backdrops for wedding photos. From lush gardens to tranquil lakes and rolling hills, the venue offers a diverse range of settings to capture the beauty of your special day.
  2. Charming Chapel Architecture: The chapel itself is a stunning piece of architecture, with its classic design and elegant interior. As a wedding photographer, you’ll appreciate the timeless beauty it adds to your photos, creating a sense of romance and tradition.
  3. Abundant Natural Light: The venue is designed to maximize natural light, making it an ideal setting for capturing well-lit, radiant wedding photos. Sunlight filtering through the chapel’s large windows and illuminating the gardens can create magical moments.
  4. Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Spaces: Braeside Chapel offers both indoor and outdoor ceremony options. This versatility allows you to adapt to any weather conditions, ensuring your clients’ wedding photos will be beautiful, rain or shine.
  5. Privacy and Exclusivity: The venue is known for its privacy and exclusivity, making it easier for you to focus on your photography without distractions. Your clients can have an intimate celebration surrounded by loved ones without the intrusion of onlookers.
  6. Expertly Maintained Grounds: The meticulously maintained grounds provide a polished and visually appealing backdrop for photos. You won’t have to worry about unsightly distractions in your shots, ensuring every image is picture-perfect.
  7. Seasonal Beauty: Depending on the time of year, the Gold Coast Hinterland can offer different seasonal elements to enhance your photos. From vibrant spring blooms to colorful autumn foliage, the variety adds depth and uniqueness to your work.
  8. Access to Exclusive Locations: As a preferred wedding photographer at Braeside Chapel, you may gain access to exclusive locations on the property. This can lead to creative and unique photo opportunities that other venues may not offer.
  9. Sunset Magic: The Gold Coast is renowned for its stunning sunsets, and Braeside Chapel’s location allows you to capture these magical moments in your clients’ wedding photos. The warm, golden hues can add a romantic touch to your work.
  10. Convenient Amenities: The venue provides convenient amenities for both you and your clients. From a dedicated preparation area for the bridal party to ample parking for guests, these amenities make the entire wedding photography process smoother and more enjoyable.

In summary, Braeside Chapel in the Gold Coast is a fantastic venue for hosting weddings and capturing beautiful wedding photos due to its stunning natural surroundings, versatile spaces, privacy, and exceptional photo opportunities. When it comes to wedding photography, you’ll find it offers everything you need to create memorable and timeless images for your clients.

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