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Wedding Photography At Branell Homestead

Sophie and Neil were married in August of 2018 at Branell Homestead in Laidley. Laidley is a town situated in the Lockyer Valley of South East Queensland, Australia. It lies about 90 minutes west of Brisbane and about 30 minutes out of Toowoomba.

Scenic countryside setting

Branell Homestead is one of those old fashioned country venues. Cows roaming in paddocks, wide open fields, lakes, beautiful sunsets, what more could a wedding photographer ask for?

Both Sophie and Neil got ready for their big day at Branell Homestead as it has several lodges that can be used for accommodation. The actual house where Sophie and Neil got ready was huge, and was actually opened up for all of their guests after the ceremony so they could enjoy drinks and canapes before the reception.

Sophie and Neil had their ceremony overlooking the lake and pier, a beautiful little location that was full of character. Being a winter wedding, it was the perfect temperature and not to hot. Sophie and Neil had drinks with their guests after the ceremony for around 45 minutes, and then we started the location shoot.

We made our way around the estate to the mango trees, oak tree, lake and barn. We accomplished all these locations in around 60 minutes and managed to get some fantastic wedding photos. We managed to catch the beautiful light as the sun dipped behind the horizon as you can see in the wedding photos below.

Sophie and Neil had their reception onsite as well, allowing everybody to relax and have a few drinks. They partied on into the night, and I left after the cake cutting and first dance. I wish Sophie and Neil all the best and thank them for trusting me as their wedding photographer.

Our aim at Lucas Kraus Photography is to provide affordable wedding photography in Toowoomba and surrounding areas. If you are looking for a Branell Homestead wedding photographer, then please visit our Contact Page and send us a enquiry. Here are 10 reasons why I love Branell Homestead:

  1. Scenic Countryside Setting: Branell Homestead is situated in the serene Australian countryside, offering a picturesque and tranquil backdrop for wedding photography. As a photographer, you’ll appreciate the wide-open spaces and unspoiled landscapes for capturing stunning images.
  2. Rustic Charm: The venue exudes rustic charm with its homestead architecture and vintage appeal. This aesthetic provides a rich and timeless atmosphere that can enhance the character of your wedding photos.
  3. Versatile Indoor and Outdoor Spaces: Branell Homestead boasts versatile spaces, including both indoor and outdoor options for ceremonies and receptions. This versatility allows for creativity in your photography, catering to various lighting conditions and client preferences.
  4. Unique Photo Opportunities: The property features unique elements like a vineyard, a picturesque dam, and rustic farm buildings. These distinctive features offer creative opportunities to capture one-of-a-kind shots that will stand out in your portfolio.
  5. Privacy and Intimacy: The homestead offers a private and intimate atmosphere, ensuring your clients’ wedding photos are personal and meaningful. This allows you to focus on capturing candid and emotional moments without distractions.
  6. Beautifully Maintained Gardens: The gardens at Branell Homestead are meticulously maintained, providing a lush and visually appealing setting for outdoor ceremonies and photos. The manicured lawns and colourful flora make for stunning backgrounds.
  7. Sunset Views: The location offers breathtaking sunset views over the countryside, creating a magical ambiance for evening wedding photos. The warm, golden light can add a romantic and ethereal touch to your work.
  8. Customisable Decor: The venue allows for customisable decor and styling, giving you the freedom to work with a variety of themes and colour palettes. This flexibility enables you to create visually captivating images that align with your clients’ vision.
  9. Exclusive Access: As a preferred wedding photographer at Branell Homestead, you may enjoy exclusive access to unique photo spots on the property. This can lead to creative and memorable shots that showcase the venue’s beauty.
  10. Convenient Amenities: The homestead offers practical amenities such as dressing rooms for the bridal party, ample parking, and nearby accommodation options. These amenities make the logistics of your photography work more seamless and enjoyable.

In summary, Branell Homestead is a fantastic wedding venue for both hosting weddings and capturing beautiful wedding photos. Its rustic charm, stunning countryside setting, versatile spaces, and unique photo opportunities make it an ideal choice for couples seeking a picturesque and intimate celebration. As a wedding photographer, you’ll find plenty of inspiration and creative opportunities at this venue.

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