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Wedding Photography at Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens

What an amazing wedding venue Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens is. I am constantly impressed by the high quality of wedding venues that Brisbane and surrounding areas has to offer. Fiona and Trent were married at Bundaleer in September of 2018.

Beautiful lighting contained in a lovely bush setting

Fiona, her family and her bridesmaids got prepared for the wedding at a neighbouring house through Airbnb which was a fantastic idea. I spent 90 minutes with Fiona getting ready. This allowed me to get photos of her dress hanging up, detail shots, bridemaids in their robe and having a drink through to her putting the dress on and a couple of nice portraits of her and her family

I then scooted over to ceremony which was literally a 2 minute walk. I got the standing photos of Trent and the groomsmen before Fiona arrived. We had excellent light throughout the ceremony as the wedding was conducted at 3:30pm and the sun was setting behind the bushland. The ceremony was conducted by Jamie of Brisbane City Celebrants who did an amazing job.

As we had plenty of time due to excellent wedding planning, I allowed Fiona and Trent to talk with their guests after being announced as husband and wife. If time permits, I always like to let this happen as I don’t want to disrupt the natural flow of the wedding. After around 15 minutes, I then organised group and family shots and then got stuck into the photos of the bridal party and Fiona and Trent. I had a great space to work with as you can see from the photos above.

I left at 9pm which enabled enough time to capture the speeches, cutting of the cake and the first dance. Everybody else partied on into the night. I am so happy to have met Fiona and Trent and I wish them all the best in the future as husband and wife!

High quality wedding venue that has everything you need!

Bundeleer Rainforest Gardens is one of my favourite venues in Brisbane, and here’s why:

  • Stunning natural backdrop: Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens offers a picturesque setting nestled within lush rainforest, providing a romantic and enchanting atmosphere for wedding ceremonies and photography.
  • Versatile outdoor spaces: With various garden areas, water features, and rainforest paths, couples have a plethora of scenic locations to choose from for their ceremony and photo shoots, ensuring diverse and captivating imagery.
  • Professional wedding services: Bundaleer offers comprehensive wedding packages and experienced staff to assist couples in planning and executing their dream wedding, from catering to decorations, making the process seamless and stress-free.
  • Privacy and exclusivity: The secluded location of Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens offers couples privacy and exclusivity, creating an intimate ambiance for their special day and allowing for uninterrupted photography sessions.
  • All-weather options: In case of inclement weather, Bundaleer provides covered areas and indoor spaces, ensuring weddings can proceed smoothly regardless of the weather conditions, offering peace of mind for couples and photographers alike.
  • Accessibility and convenience: Located just 30 minutes from Brisbane CBD, Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens is easily accessible for guests and vendors, making it a convenient choice for couples and photographers.
  • Dedicated photo opportunities: The venue’s carefully manicured gardens, serene ponds, and majestic trees provide numerous opportunities for breathtaking wedding photography, capturing moments of love and joy against a stunning natural backdrop.
  • Memorable experiences: Bundaleer Rainforest Gardens offers couples and their guests an unforgettable wedding experience, combining natural beauty, exceptional service, and timeless photography opportunities to create lasting memories of their special day.

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