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What is my style?

I often get asked to describe my style. I have developed my style over a number of years and instead of giving the generic response of “natural, photo-journalistic etc” I will try and break it down to a more detailed response. For more information, be sure to check out our article: Traditional Vs Modern Wedding Photography: Which One Is Best?

During the bride and groom preparation, I like to have a more photo-journalistic, however there are times when I will need to give specific direction. This includes family photographs, bridal portraits, photos of groomsmen/bridesmaids etc. I am not over the top with the posed photos and like to keep it relaxed and easy going.

This is perhaps the time where a wedding photographer style shows the most and what defines them as a wedding photographer. I won't ask you to do any poses that makes you feel "silly" - No funny faces, no jumping in the air, no crazy dips where the bride is basically horizontal to the ground. When conducing Location shoots, I normally ask the bride and the groom to do "natural" poses that they might do in every day life, such holding hands and walking towards the camera, giving each other a cuddle, holding hands and leaning up against the wall. My goal is to get natural poses that make you look your best. I will often ask my subjects to turn their face, move their arm slightly. This is purely for aesthetic reasons to ensure the pose is perfect!

This is perhaps when I'm at my most photo-journalistic. The last thing you want when you're saying your vows or doing a speech at your reception is a wedding photographer right up in your grill. During these times, I like to blend into the background and not give much direction at all.

This is the time when a wedding photographer really needs to give direction and take control. If they don't, your wedding guests will be confused and seeking direction causing disruption. I like to think of  myself as direct but polite during this time. During the bridal party shoot, this is when we can do some fun and quirky photos. Again, I won't ask your bridal party to do anything too silly or outrageous 

bridal party helping bride get ready
signing the marriage certificate
first kiss as husband and wife
bridal party walking and talking pose

My editing style

As a dedicated wedding photographer based in Brisbane, I take great pride in delivering natural and captivating images that truly reflect the essence of your special day. One aspect that consistently concerns me is the prevalence of overly edited photos in the industry.

I’ve encountered instances where wedding photos suffer from unnatural alterations such as green tints, tilted horizons, inconsistent coloring, and excessive desaturation, resulting in dull and unappealing imagery.

To ensure the highest quality and authenticity in my work, I handle all photo editing personally, refusing to outsource this crucial aspect of the creative process. This allows me to maintain complete control over the final product delivered to my clients.

My editing approach focuses on subtle enhancements rather than drastic alterations. I meticulously adjust contrast, white balance, and light/dark curves to achieve a balanced and visually pleasing composition. Additionally, I apply a unique touch to color grading, enhancing the vibrancy and warmth of each image while preserving its natural beauty.

By prioritising authenticity and craftsmanship in my editing process, I aim to provide wedding couples with timeless wedding photographs that they can proudly share with their loved ones for years to come.